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“There are so many techniques to try. Or noble silence. It’s all good.” – Pamela Walters Martin

Feeling out of focus? Try this short meditation. Before beginning your day today, sit in a quiet place. Find a single point of focus … read more here.

Body Scan Meditation

This 10-minute meditation is a body scan, a practice that can be used to help alleviate insomnia and stress, or as way to focus your breath and attention during your meditation practice.

Begin by sitting or lying down, in a relaxed position. Gently relax your hands at your sides, and take a few moments to connect with your body. Feel it resting against the floor, and take a few moments to shift any areas of discomfort before you begin.


Compassion Meditation – Tonglen

This meditation for Compassion comes from the Buddhist practice of Tonglen, and it can be your practice to do this when you or someone who know is suffering. This meditation begins with a focus on loving acceptance of yourself. Sometimes it’s the belief that we shouldn’t experience pain that causes the most suffering. Part of this practice is to touch that suffering, and to change your relationship to your pain. You will begin by directing your thoughts to loving-kindness towards yourself before turning your focus to others. The meditation begins at 1:00.00


Five-Minute Meditation

Too busy to meditate today? The suggestions in this 5-minute meditation can be used as a guide for creating your own intentional meditation practice. There is no “good” or “bad” way to meditate – just five minutes of meditation a day can add positivity and calm to your life.

Energizing Meditation

During this energizing meditation, you’ll want to sit in a relaxed position. Just 5 minutes long, you can do this at your desk at work, sitting in the parking lot, or first thing in the morning while you’re having your cup of coffee. For the first few moments, just observe your breathing…

Guided Walking Meditation

At some point today, you will get up out of your bed or a chair, move your legs, and walk. If you’re lucky, it’s something you every day without really thinking about it. At this point in the year, you’ve been spending more time inside, and a Guided Walking Meditation is a fun way to get some fresh energy. The goal is to bring awareness to your body while walking and to temporarily release your thoughts.

You’ll only need about 15 minutes. Try listening to this meditation during your next few walks, and after a while, the practice will become very natural, and something you look forward to incorporating into your day.

Golden Sun Meditation

The Golden Sun Meditation is a short meditation for vitality can be done anytime you’re in the need for more energy or “spark.”

VIVA RADIO: Meditation Snacks

Looking for more short meditations like these? One of our favorite methods for effective and immediate energetic clearing is called the Sheet Meditation, and it can be found at 10:30 in this VIVA Radio program, hosted by Viva’s Director Leigh Hopkins.

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