{ Inhale, exhale, ascend }


“There are so many techniques to try. Or noble silence. It’s all good.” – Pamela Walters Martin

Feeling out of focus? Try this short meditation. Before beginning your day today, sit in a quiet place. Find a single point of focus … read more here.

One of our favorite methods for effective and immediate energetic clearing is called the Sheet Meditation, and it can be found at 10:30 in this VIVA Radio program, hosted by Viva’s Director Leigh Hopkins.

Too busy to meditate? The suggestions in this 5-minute meditation can be used as a guide for creating your own intentional meditation practice. There is no “good” or “bad” way to meditate – just five minutes of meditation a day can add positivity and calm to your life.

The Golden Sun Meditation is a short meditation for vitality can be done anytime you’re in the need for more energy or “spark.”

For more short meditations like these, listen to this VIVA Radio broadcast:

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