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If you’re ready to THRIVE but don’t know where to begin, green smoothies are a great place to start. Replace your usual breakfast with a green smoothie every morning for the next 30 days, and you’ll experience healthier skin, fewer cravings, better sleep… try the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge.

Did you know that Viva Institute began as a raw-vegan retreat center in Brazil? The wisdom offered in these 10 Commandments for Health is part of our founding philosophy. Watch Viva Institute’s Director Leigh Hopkins in action:


If you’re looking for some quick and easy ways to lift your vibration and honor your temple, try replacing your usual breakfast with this Chia Pudding Recipe.

In 2008, after a significant health crisis, Viva Institute’s Director Leigh Hopkins went 100% raw. If you’ve been curious about the benefits of a raw food diet (what IS it, anyway?), this article tells Leigh’s raw story.

If you’re feeling tempted by the benefits of a raw food diet, Viva Institute’s online course, 30 Days Raw removes the guesswork that comes with adopting a raw vegan lifestyle. This 6-week program begins with one week of transition, raw food theory, shopping lists, recipes and menus. Feel fantastic, find community, and have FUN! Learn more here.

“I’ve taken Viva’s Raw Food class twice and loved it both times! Unfortunately, having 2 teenage sons and a 3 year old, I had no luck getting them to transition into a more healthy diet and finally began cooking the Standard American Diet again. I’m sad to say I ate that same food. After only 6 months of eating this way I gained 30lbs and had high blood pressure at 37 years old! 
This made me crazy because I KNEW I could have avoided this. While I was kicking myself for letting my health decline in the name of Cheetos, I spent the weekend showing my teenagers video-after-video of people who had cured their cancers using overdoses of nutrition and changing their lifestyle. Slowly I watched the light bulbs go on as every single person credited their restored health to vegan, specifically raw vegan diets and juicing. 
Raw fruits and vegetables maintain good health as well as restore it; then you will hopefully never have a weekend of wringing your hands. Viva Institute’s 30 Days Raw is a wonderful place to start! This is one small investment in your health that can save your life.” – Ruth Garet, New Jersey 


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