{ Think you’re crazy? you’re not alone. }


When a 4-year-old tells you: “In my last life, I was a doctor,” and you answer: “Would you mind having a look at this lump?” you might just be part of Viva’s tribe. Here are some of the signs.

“None of us can ever know if there is a God, but we do know there is an us. None of us can ever know if there is wrong or right. But we do know there is an us. Amma, the hugging saint says the question is not ‘Is there a god?’ The question is, ‘Is there suffering?’ Yes, there is suffering, and what can we do about our suffering? We can help one another and we can love one another. Now if you can do that through atheism then do it through atheism. We are all connected to consciousness, we are all connected to one another, and to me that sounds a little bit like God.” ~Russell Brand

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