"Abbey really gives her full presence. She is able not only to delve into the questions I pose, but to also intuitively sense the "questions behind the questions" in what I am asking. I am moved by Abbey's ability to create profound connection with the people she speaks to. Every part of her approach demonstrates that she feels invested in helping others to grow on their creative paths."CF
“Extremely authentic.”Rachel, Arizona
"I really am a 'glass is half full' girl. I didn't know how much I'd get out of the course because I do recognize bliss in my life. I have a situation in my life that is out of my control and very stressful. Realizing that I can choose something other than helplessness with what I'm dealing with – that is a revelation."Sue, Nova Scotia
"What an amazing class! Thank you for guiding us on such a surprising and AWESOME journey! Thanks to you I have found my center again and feel more connected to everything around me. Thank you for helping me find my "wonder;" she had been lost for way too long."Kim, New Jersey