"I really like how you can work at your own pace, from your own home, yet you're connecting with others through partner activities, teleseminars and Facebook. You are never on your own. If you have questions, everyone is so willing to help each other out ... whether it's with a problem or with a question or concern. It's like a family!"Rose, New Mexico
"30 Days Raw is a full-blown way to experience a raw diet. If I had tried it on my own, I'm pretty confident I wouldn't have "stayed the course." You do a fantastic job of providing support - instruction and encouragement, recipes, videos, and Facebook support. This would be challenging without all these pieces of the puzzle! I love that I've lost weight and I'm less creaky in the morning. I feel healthier, more powerful, and more charge of my own destiny. I'm so glad that I decided to do this!"Helen, New Jersey
"If you are looking for a place to turn to figure out your path, Viva Institute is the place for you. Just throw caution to the wind and let it go. It’s money and time worth spending. Take a chance on yourself!"Cheryl, Florida
"I highly recommend taking courses through Viva. I absolutely loved the easy-to-use online format.The teaching videos bring a one on one personal feeling to the course, as does the personal attention given to each student. I enjoyed meeting like-minded people from around the world, and it answered many questions that I couldn't find answers for elsewhere.Anna, Sweden
"Leigh, you are so kind and encouraging! It really means a lot that you take the time to comment about our questions on FB. When I hear your voice, it instantly calms me."Brenda
I love that there were written guides, audio guides, video guides and weekly calls. Andye was so involved in the community and so available to talk to us and answer questions. I really love that you have phone calls for all the classes. It really makes me feel that the instructors are very involved. For this particular class, it really shows how much time and effort Andye put into the material and preparation.Julie, Colorado
"I finally feel like a have a road map to the psychic world. I've been curious about it since I was 16. My 16-year-old self would be so proud of me right now for pursuing this. I've had so many questions answered and have had things I somewhat intuited brought to my conscious attention. It's made me realize how much I have relied on my intuition my entire life and how I took it for granted and thought everyone made decisions the same way. I've achieved greater confidence in what it is and how it works."Patty, Virginia
"I'm not sure I have met another teacher who is so willing to give and share, and put in so much effort to finding out the needs of her students. Abbey is a gem."MH, Sedona, AZ
"Abbey is a soulful and supportive teacher who clearly wants to help her students grow."DL, Yardley, PA
"Abbey is a great teacher with unsurpassed talent and sensitivity. She an extraordinary artist who can direct and mentor her students, and creates a welcome, positive, creativity-engendering space. This helps to put her students at ease and get psyched for their own endeavors."SD, Yardley, PA