“Psychic Development for Beginners gave me such a better understand of my authentic self. With this course I was able to uncover some unconscious blocks, and I began healing these blocks. The opportunities for learning, connecting, healing and understanding yourself were incredible. I would highly recommend this course.”Mandi, Minnesota
"What an amazing class! Thank you for guiding us on such a surprising and AWESOME journey! Thanks to you I have found my center again and feel more connected to everything around me. Thank you for helping me find my "wonder;" she had been lost for way too long."Kim, New Jersey
"I really am a 'glass is half full' girl. I didn't know how much I'd get out of the course because I do recognize bliss in my life. I have a situation in my life that is out of my control and very stressful Realizing that I can choose something other than helplessness when I'm dealing with that is a revelation."Sue, Nova Scotia
“Extremely authentic.”Rachel, Arizona
"Abbey really gives her full presence. She is able not only to delve into the questions I pose, but to also intuitively sense the "questions behind the questions" in what I am asking. I am moved by Abbey's ability to create profound connection with the people she speaks to. Every part of her approach demonstrates that she feels invested in helping others to grow on their creative paths."CF
"I loved watching the videos, and the meditations have been useful and informative. Partner assignments were really great because you get immediate non-biased feedback which I believe is essential. I really loved, loved, loved the teleseminars! Listening to Echo and Leigh banter and the participation/input by classmates was ALWAYS informative, uplifting, and fun."Kelly, Minnesota
"This class has given me the confidence and better understanding of my gifts. I'm excited to take the next steps in the level II workshop. Echo & Leigh, a special thank you to you for taking the time to guide us with your Love & Light. You have given us the strength, courage and tools to build confidence, trust our intuition and to BELIEVE in ourselves and the light that guides us."Holly, Minnesota
"I found Abbey to be one of the most sharing and giving, as well as talented, of any instructor I've ever had."AF, Yardley, PA
"Abbey is simply awesome."GK, Peto Museum, Island Heights, NJ
"I gain an enormous amount from Abbey's spiritual approach to life and painting. This is the strength of her teaching."JCD, Yardley, PA