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I want to run an idea by you. Someone said to me the other day that she was really worrying about me, and after the conversation I thought to myself, what good does that do her or me?

Worrying is a waste of energy and it affects our health. The next time you find yourself worrying about something, ask yourself – and that’s from the government to your children, to icy roads, to whatever – what good is it doing us to worry? It does nothing, and it affects our health.

So let’s make a pact for 2018. Not to spend time in worrying. And when you find yourself starting to worry, stop and ask yourself: “Is this helpful to anybody?”

Especially you. Is worry really helping you?

I really think we should make an effort this year to stop worrying. Unless you can find a good reason why we should, I’m going to stop worrying.

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