What birds teach us about peace

Springtime mornings are full of birdsong. Depending on where you live, you may hear as many as 15-20 distinct calls outside your window this morning. These songs are more than just beautiful (or cackling, depending on the bird!) – they’re a bird’s way of saying:

“This is my home.”

The response? “This is my home.”

For many of us, establishing healthy boundaries can be challenging, and that’s why it’s helpful to remember the birds.

Your song is beautiful and distinct. When you sing clearly, when you speak your truth, it doesn’t have to be with force. A simple “I believe” or “I am at peace” followed by a statement of your truth is enough to be in a place of gentle strength.

Birds remind us that there is enough space for every being.
The world is made more beautiful by every song.

What will your song be today?

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