Meditation for Focus

Feeling out of focus?

Before beginning your day today, sit in a quiet place. Find a single point to focus on less than 3 feet away. If you’d like, you can use a white candle, placed on a tabletop as your point of focus.

Draw your attention back to your solar plexus. Allow your eyes to travel slowly from where you are to the point you’ve chosen, observing every detail in between until you reach that point.

Breathe in calm, breathe out worry or fear.

Breathe in focus, breathe out disillusionment or lack of purpose…

When you’re ready, pick another point a few feet farther away. Repeat this process, breathing in calm and focus as you go.

Look to your day with hopeful anticipation. Be prepared to see signs that you are powerfully on your path.

For audio/video guided meditations, visit Meditations.