How to Perform a Fire Ceremony

A fire ceremony is a practice used to release unwanted energies from the past to make space for new intentions. This ceremony can be used to release unhappy memories, fears, or anything that doesn’t serve your Highest Good. It can be performed during the Full Moon, the New Moon, during an important event life a birthday or anniversary, or during the change of seasons.Some people choose to bring in the New Year with a fire ceremony. A fire ceremony helps to shift unwanted energies and to invite something new.


  1. Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, and ask “What am I ready to release?”
  2. Write a list of your intentions, and then gather any objects that represent what you wish to release. (ex. symbolic contracts, photographs, etc.) You may also want to create some artwork or writing, or a combination of any of these things.
  3. Create a fire using a candle, metal bowl, or fire pit. It doesn’t need to be a large fire – just be sure it’s safe.
  4. A glass or bucket of water to extinguish the fire.

Performing the Ceremony

  1. Call on your Higher Self, your guides, your ancestors, God, or the Universe, and any helpers in spirit.
  2. Ask the spirit of the fire to guide you to release the things you have asked to clear.
  3. Place each item in the fire while you name what you are releasing, saying it aloud or in your head.
  4. Blow gently into the fire, with the intention that the unwanted energy you are releasing is going out with your breath.
  5. If there are other things that come to you during the ceremony, name and release them.
  6. Thank the fire, and extinguish it. Give gratitude to the Divine, and the elements of earth, wind, fire, and air.

– ceremony adapted from

– photo credit: Robert Kirsch

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