Dragon Tattoos and Solar Wha – ?



Leigh Hopkins, Viva Institute

It’s not often that I go on a rant, so today’s message is as close as you’re probably going to ever read from me! Here it is…

For the past week there’s been a lot of chatter about tomorrow’s celestial-astrological trifecta. Have you heard? All in one day, we’re going to have spring equinox, a solar eclipse, and woo-hoo…a supermoon! To me this sounds pretty exciting, but on Facebook and Twitter, people are commenting about how “off,” depressed, disconnected, or anxious they’ve felt. When someone posts this, inevitably others chime in to say, “Me too, hasn’t it been horrible?”

Could it be the celestial energy that’s making you feel off? Sure…maybe.

But listen to me – and I say this with GREAT LOVE. You’re better than that. I’ve seen you in action, and you can kick some serious mercury-retro-solar-flare butt!

“It’s not necessarily reality that shapes you, but the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality.” – Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage

Haven’t you had enough ICK, already? When given a choice, I know from a LOT of experience and practice that it feels better to actively choose happiness, at best, and in the very least, relative calm.

I want you to hear this, loud and clear:

YOU get to decide how you feel – NOT the planets, not the collective energy, not whatever psychic sludge you’ve picked up out in the streets. YOU get to choose what you take in and what you put out into the world. Sure, some days are a little off, and when they are, do yourself a favor and take responsibility for what you’re feeling.

Now about those tattoos…

Yesterday at the doctor’s office, the nurse had THE most incredible, enormous green dragon tattoo I’ve ever seen…it had these amazing talons and a long tail, and it wrapped around her upper arm and disappeared under her blue scrubs.

“Is that a dragon?” I asked the nurse.
“Yup – he’s my Spirit Guide.”
“You’re speaking my language,” I laughed. “Tell me about him.”

There in the doctor’s office, we talked about everything from Reiki to Spirit Guides, from Buddhism to her recent love of Hinduism, to this Friday’s celestial events.

“I’m curious…” I asked the nurse. “Do you think that things have been crazier and more challenging over the past few weeks leading up to Friday?”

The nurse shrugged and said, “I don’t pay attention to all that. My focus has to be on keeping my own Light strong…I just can’t worry about whatever’s going on out there.Tomorrow night after work I’m going to head down to the park and do some tai chi, and I’ll be great.”
If you’re still with me, please listen to me – if feeling crappy is what you think you need right now, DO IT UP. Go BIG. Sometimes it feels good to give in to the ICK.

But if you’re open to the possibility that a cosmic shift in energy could actually be a GOOD THING – maybe even an exciting era of change and creativity, which is what I’ve been feeling – then it’s time to shift your thoughts and feelings. NOW.

Some suggestions for lifting your vibration and shifting your mood:

  • VIVAMEME-humansparklerGround yourself by going for a walk. Dance, clean the house, organize your closets, do Zumba, make a delicious meal, or make love like the God/dess you are, but please – do yourself a favor and get in your body and thank it for carrying you around!
  • Raise your vibration by listening to music that makes you happy and connect with people you love.
  • When you see frustration or despair around you, actively choose to stay focused and positive above your own life, no matter what’s going on around you.
  • Get off Facebook for a few hours or even a day (!!!), and filter out anything that isn’t in alignment with how you want to feel. YOU get to choose.
  • Pay attention to where you place your thoughts. If the collective energy and intention is an Energy of ICK, you need to do your part to stay centered, calm, clear, and light. Where your thoughts go, the energy will follow. Positive or negative.

If you identify as being a Lightworker,
YOUR LIGHT is your service to the planet.
Treat it right!

Over and out, Light Beam – go bright and go big!

by Leigh Hopkins, Director of Viva Institute