Ingrid M says: There are only a few events in my life which I consider to be “life changing” but that is the only way I can describe my very first reading with Leigh. I’ve had several more since then and each time we finish I feel inspired, grounded, and infused with healing light and energy. Since my first reading on the summer of 2012 I have consciously established a spiritual path for myself. I’m am so grateful to have found out about Leigh . She truly has an amazing gift. Highly recommended !!!

“I had my first reading with Leigh a few weeks ago and was fascinated by the depth and accuracy of information she relayed to me. From health concerns, to my recent block in creativity, Leigh was keenly intuitive and right on. Through her guides, she offered valuable information and insightful advice that I have already put to use in moving forward with this amazing life. I cannot say enough good words about her.” - Sandy B.

“Leigh is a kind and loving soul. My reading with her was one of the best experiences of my life. She made me an active participant and helped to clarify the past and future and helped me work through the pain of loss and the doubt and questions that accompany it. Leigh is a gifted medium, and I highly recommend her for readings or instruction.” - Geno

“I can only describe what this online course has done for me as fulfilling a hunger that I have had for a while. (I’ve been) wanting to learn more about how to develop my abilities and use them. It is the piece of me that was missing! The class has instilled more confidence in me with my abilities, challenged me to keep learning and developing and to look at life through a different lens.” - Hannah W.

“Leigh spoke to me with a clarity and understanding of me on a soul level. I wish everyone communicates like she does—perfectly succinct. She identified my guides and angels and she was helpful in distilling all the information that compiles me and what I came here to achieve. Beautiful, sweet and kind!” - Renee P.