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“Culture is simply the ensemble of stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.”
–Clifford Geertz, American anthropologist

The Illuminated Narrator:  The Art of Transformative Storytelling

Date:  Saturday, September 20

Time:  10-5 pm

Instructor:  Leigh Hopkins, Viva Institute

Location:  Urban Escape Healing, 1049 N Ashland, Chicago, IL 60622


When seen through the eyes of the “Illuminated Narrator,” the stories you tell yourself can create a rich and powerful story about your true essence. Through the oral tradition of storytelling, Leigh Hopkins will guide you to revisit a significant story from your past and breathe new life and meaning into the event.

Through guided meditation, the group will use “soul travel” to return to specific life events and connect any related threads from previous incarnations to heal the past. Finally, participants will work collectively to understand the rich lessons and interconnectedness that comes from sharing life’s meaningful stories.

Consider bringing any of the following:

  • a story that your family tells about you;
  • a life event that was difficult;
  • a story about loss;
  • a family story that has been passed down for generations;
  • a story that you’re proud of.

It’s not necessary to know in advance which story you will be offering for transformation. Everyone is encouraged to share “as the Spirit moves.”


Travel and Lodging

Participants should make their own travel and lodging arrangements. For more information, visit Trip Advisor or visit the workshop event page on Facebook to connect with other travelers.

About Viva Institute

Leigh Hopkins, Course Instructor

Leigh Hopkins, Viva Institute

Leigh Hopkins is the Director of Viva Institute, a virtual retreat center for the modern mystic. In 2010, she left a 20-year career in education reform and public policy to create virtual and physical spaces for people to connect with their “highest selves.” This work is her life’s passion.

From 2010-2012 Leigh ran Viva Institute’s retreat center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has a Masters and Bachelors Degree in Education, is a Certified Usui Reiki Master, and has a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.