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Choosing to live in the world in ways that are congruent with who you really are is a radical act that sometimes requires difficult choices. Honoring who you really are: your values, your dreams, your essence, your “charisma” requires you to make a committed personal investment in seeking out change.

Price: $197 (10% discount to members of Lightworkers Forum applied after payment is made.)


What’s in YOUR Bliss Kit?

In this course, you’ll receive a new tool each day for 6 weeks. We’ll help you get clearer about what most deeply moves you. From there, we’ll look at your goals with the understanding that bliss is not something that occurs within a static objective, but that it begins the moment that you decide you honor who you are NOW.

Live Your Bliss gives you tools to help you define all the ways in which you can experience Bliss NOW, with the understanding that the more bliss you live, the more you get.

We’ll be asking these questions, among others:

  • What do you value most in life?
  • What makes you excited, almost childlike?
  • What makes you shine?
  • What does bliss really mean to you?

Manifesting Change

If you’re considering this course, there are probably some things you would like to change in your life. You may be wishing that you could be in a slightly different place. We’ll be asking you to begin thinking about what that place looks like.

It’s important to clarify that we don’t want you to dwell on your current reality as something to be “fixed,” but because you need to understand the direction you’re headed in, you need to know where you began. We’ll begin this course by taking a brief look at where you are now, so that you can more clearly define and manifest a new vision for your future.

Course Content

  • Video Lectures: Your instructors provide real-life examples from their clients and their own lives that demonstrate the Law of Attraction in action.
  • Individual activities: downloadable clearing exercises, meditation, journal entries, etc.
  • The Law of Attraction: The belief that the power of thoughts and words can bring wanted experiences into your life. Learn new tools for staying focused on what you truly want to attract.
  • The Ego Trap: Identify those thoughts or words used by your ego to hinder your ability to create what you want. Catch your saboteurs in the act! Learn to counteract their tricks with powerful tools.
  • Bliss Tools: Use tools that will help to “lift your vibration” (trust me, it works!) and bring your visions into clearer focus.
  • Live Your Bliss: a private Facebook page to share your stories and chat with others who are on similar paths.

Technology Requirements

All you’ll need is a computer, internet access and an email address.

About Leigh Hopkins

In February 2010, I made a radical change.

Leigh Hopkins_bio sittingI’d been living a hectic life, moving from commuter train to airplane, hotel room to board room to conference room. Despite the fact that I had a fantastic career, a home I loved, and loving friends and family to support me, I knew something needed to change…but what?

Without a plan or even an idea about what might come next, I undertook a yearlong, self-designed study program to discover what it was that really inspired me–—what fed my soul. The outcome wasn’t something I’d ever anticipated: every single thing I identified appeared at exactly the right time. I learned to live by the “magic in life,” and since that time, I’ve been living the life of the modern mystic.

Leigh Hopkins worked for 20 years in public education and public policy, and holds a Masters Degree in Education. Leigh is a Reiki Master and holds a certification in Plant–Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

To Manifest (verb): To create. To wish for something and know that it will show up. To know that your dreams are possible, even if you don’t know what they are yet. To ask Spirit for what you wish and know that you will receive it.

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