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We do not walk alone

“We do not walk alone. Great Being walks beside us. Know this and be grateful.”

– Polingaysi Q“yawayma, HOPI

Many religions have different names for these Beings. Some are called angels, some are called spirits. These Spirit Beings are helpers. They guide us, protect us and will help us during our times of need. Sometimes they give us dreams. We need not be afraid when these Spirit Helpers come. We need to understand they are the Creator’s helpers.

Great Spirit, send me the helpers to guide my path as I seek to walk in Your service.

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The light you live

You are heard. You are seen.

And where your voice does not carry and your feet cannot tread, even so does every soul feel your presence on levels beyond conscious, human perception. And your impact radiates farther still, throughout the dimensions, dimensions that appear to be but are not far removed from you.

The light you live, the forgiveness you extend, the healing you create, and the love you remember yourself to be are deeply felt by all in body and all in spirit.

—Robert Schwartz, Your Soul’s Plan

Say your prayers and don’t worry

I remember No Horse said, ‘Once you say your prayers, don’t worry about them. If you worry about them, they’ll just fade away.’

– Chuck Ross, LAKOTA

Today I need to remember You are everywhere. I need to remember how much You love me. I need to know, Grandfathers, that You are always listening. Today I need to know how much You care. Today I will remember the advice of the Elders. “Say your prayers and then don’t worry – know that the Great One has heard you.” It’s so much easier to do this, Grandfather, when I feel connected to You. My Creator, allow me this day to feel your presence. Let me walk the path of life today and talk to You many times. Give me faith, my Grandfather/Grandmother.