Ongoing Offerings

CEREMONY: for Wellness Practitioners – REGISTER NOW: Self Study
30 Days Raw: Viva Institute’s Online Raw Food Course – REGISTER NOW: Self Study
Choosing Bliss: Tools for Transforming Your Life – REGISTER NOW: Self Study
Live Your Bliss: Tools for Honoring Your Path – REGISTER NOW: Self Study

Winter / Spring 2022



10: Advanced Psychic Practice

22: HEART MAPPING: 90-minute heart and soul-shifting workshop


MARCH 2022


3: Advanced Psychic Practice

8: SOUL MAPPING: 6-week online workshop

When you reclaim your life’s events and make them your own, a fearlessness that takes hold. You become fierce in your pursuit of a new reality. SOUL MAPPING unlocks the patterns and makes sense of the plan—and it’s every bit as astounding as you are.

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Praise for Viva’s Courses

THE Best experience ever! Started me on my path to the awesome guy I am now.Marcus, Michigan
"I love running into Viva Institute alums all over the country! I recently attended a workshop in Maui, and on the first day of class, I turned to the person to my right to introduce myself, before I could ask her name, she excitedly blurted out, “Bernadette, you’re the reason I’m here - I was in your Viva Institute class!”  So in a room of about 500 people I just happened to sit next to my Viva Institute alumni! Thank you for bringing us all together in such a loving, supportive, mystical, beautiful and educational environment. I am so happy my path led me to you!”Bernadette, Washington, DC
I’d studied with Leigh before and found her as kind and compassionate as she is industrious, witty, and gifted at bringing out the best in everyone around her. Interesting, thoughtfully-planned lessons led to assignments that hardly felt like work at all. As I participated, it was fascinating to discover not only that my story had a way of telling itself and I was just its ‘keeper,’ but that my voice seemed to simply be awaiting my call for it to venture out. I was truly surprised at just how uplifted and inspired I felt receiving the positive, helpful comments and feedback – and respond with a very heartfelt thank you.Kelly, Minnesota
"I am so so happy that I decided to take this course. Viva puts on a friendly, professional course that helps you with writing, making it better than ever. We also critique each other's work, which helps us grow as a writer and a communicator. Very helpful, It helped me grow in ways that I never expected, such as everyday communications with others. Leigh Hopkins is a kind, gentle, sensitive, and very capable individual with high credentials of her own. Great course, and I look forward to taking more Transformative Storytelling courses offered by Viva. You absolutely won't be disappointed, take the course!"Betty, Colorado
"I was so surprised by the way this course's syllabus lined up so synchronistically with my own personal life lessons/journeys. Especially the lessons on timing, precognition, past lives and psychic tools. It was as if this was exactly what I needed, this course served as the answers to the "why" about all the situations/experiences currently in my life."Lanham, Maryland
The big benefit of Transformative Storytelling, for me, was actually doing it, and getting feedback on what I had written. Having always journaled, I knew I loved the process of writing to quiet my mind and take time to sit and think but to put anything out there was a challenge. The first time I hit the submit button I held my breath and said to myself, Well that's it....for better or worse. It was definitely for the better!Wendee, Arizona
I was surprised by how motivated and excited I was to do another lesson after a long day with my kids. I LOVED the course material, the TED rich so informative and enlightening in so many ways.Dayna, California
I would highly recommend Forging a Feminine Path to any woman who wants to explore her sexuality and spirituality in a supportive environment. The content is diverse and engages all aspects of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Kimberly is an amazing guide and beautifully creates for women to explore themselves.Kristin, California
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