Ongoing Offerings

30 Days Raw: Viva Institute’s Online Raw Food Course – REGISTER NOW: Self Study
Choosing Bliss: Tools for Transforming Your Life – REGISTER NOW: Self Study
Live Your Bliss: : Tools for Honoring Your Path – REGISTER NOW: Self Study
Level II Psychic Development Certification Course – REGISTER NOW: Self Study
30 Days Raw: Viva Institute’s Online Raw Food Course – REGISTER NOW: Self Study

Offered at Specific Times

Psychic Development Level I – Instructor: Echo Bodine
“The Innernet” with Abbey Ryan – Instructor: Abbey Ryan
Forging a Feminine Path: Women’s Sexuality and Spirituality – Instructor: Kimberly Johnson

Praise for Viva’s Courses

"I would definitely recommend this course to others. The content, curriculum, teachers, classroom experiences - all are filled with integrity and clearly defined, valuable information. It's a "user-friendly" class! That promotes a safe, encouraging, comfortable environment in which to learn and explore your psychic abilities. I loved it!”Stephanie, Oregon
I was surprised by how motivated and excited I was to do another lesson after a long day with my kids. I LOVED the course material, the TED rich so informative and enlightening in so many ways.Dayna, California
I would highly recommend Forging a Feminine Path to any woman who wants to explore her sexuality and spirituality in a supportive environment. The content is diverse and engages all aspects of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Kimberly is an amazing guide and beautifully creates for women to explore themselves.Kristin, California
"I love running into Viva Institute alums all over the country! I recently attended a workshop in Maui, and on the first day of class, I turned to the person to my right to introduce myself, before I could ask her name, she excitedly blurted out, “Bernadette, you’re the reason I’m here - I was in your Viva Institute class!”  So in a room of about 500 people I just happened to sit next to my Viva Institute alumni! Thank you for bringing us all together in such a loving, supportive, mystical, beautiful and educational environment. I am so happy my path led me to you!”Bernadette, Washington, DC
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"Viva Institute illumines a path of opportunity, a higher awareness and a chance to explore a deep part of who we are as human beings. Viva’s opportunities allow you to put one toe in the water of curiosity while remaining safe on the shoreline. However, the simple truth is when we are curious about the mystery of our lives, and push away from the safe harbor, we sail away and become continual seekers of a greater force that lies within all of us. I highly recommend Leigh Hopkins and Viva Institute for any class or opportunity that calls forth your curiosity, invariably you will thank yourself for honoring the seeker within you."Karyn, Washington
When you combine the vortexes of Sedona with the energy and insight of Leigh Hopkins, the time spent together is irresistible. Last year, Leigh’s careful planning delighted and inspired us to seek more depth and exploration into our own spirits. She is a very special woman and her willingness to share her light with the rest of us is a priceless gift. If at all possible, take a plane, take a train, take a bus or a car and make it to her next workshop. It will be a gift to yourself and you deserve it.  (Author, Director of Gina's Team)Sue Ellen, Arizona, Author and Director of REinventing REentry
This teleseminar was a life line. With all the busy-ness of the holidays I really needed to slow down and pay attention to what was going on in my inner world. Honoring Loss in a Season of Giving
"Viva Institute enriches people's lives without uprooting them. Since beginning courses at Viva 5 years ago, literally every area of my life has shifted. I'll sign up for anything they offer - it's like getting a Master's Degree in Life!"Gretchen, New York
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