Our goal is to add more depth and purpose to your life by providing virtual retreats and connections that will immediately empower you to take ownership of your life path. Unlock the true meaning of your unique contribution to the world.

Global reach.

Since its founding in 2008, Viva Institute has built a community from six continents. Our retreats are designed to foster lasting friendships between like-minded people across the globe.

What makes us different.

Viva Institute’s retreats are unique because we provide live interaction and direct, content-specific instructor feedback as part of all of our course offerings.

We believe in you.

At Viva Institute, we believe that you are the catalyst for your own transformation, and our mission is to connect you with the tools you need, exactly when you need them. Please see our retreats to learn more about what makes us unique.

We live what we share.

Viva Institute is a lifestyle — it’s an intentional, heart-centered way of living that honors individuality, integrity, and clarity of purpose.


Viva (vē′vä′) used to express acclamation, salute, or applause.
(ˈviːvə) interj.  “Viva!” long live; up with (insert your name here)
from Italian: may (he/she) live! from vivere to live, from Latin vīvere

how to pronounce it:


About our founder, Leigh Hopkins


Leigh Hopkins

Leigh Hopkins created Viva Institute in 2010 with the goal of creating an organizational catalyst for personal transformation. With a twenty-year background in public policy, education reform, and program development, Leigh channeled her talents into developing content-rich courses to support all learners. She hand-picks all instructors and is personally involved in all stages of Viva’s programming, from content selection to curriculum development to program delivery.

Career highlights: Leigh was Vice President for a leading social policy think tank, specializing in “midcourse corrections,” which resulted in financial and programmatic support for 500 literacy programs in underserved communities. From 2010-2013, she was the Director and Chef at Instituto Viva, an organic farm and retreat center in the mountains of Brazil. She is mostly fluent in English and Portuguese, can get her point across in Spanish, and can order dinner in French, Italian and Greek.

Professional Bio
A native of New York, Leigh Hopkins holds a Bachelors in Elementary Education and Music and a Masters in Education. She has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

Leigh Hopkins at the Tree of Life labyrinth

Leigh at the Tree of Life Center, Patagonia, Arizona

Director Leigh Hopkins in Brazil, after walking through the banana field to reset the modem.

Director Leigh Hopkins in Brazil, after hiking through a banana field to reset the modem.