Welcome to the Intuition Movement!

We’re so excited to share our latest project with you, which we’re officially launching today. It’s called Trust the Voice Within. It’s a project that we’ve created in cooperation with Author, Healer and Psychic Echo Bodine, and we’re spreading the word about the importance of INTUITION—that still, small, knowing within each of us.


Echo Bodine

The purpose of the Trust the Voice Within movement is to encourage people to tune in to their inner guidance. To support you on your path, we’ve created this website, which is devoted entirely to living by intuition. Each week we’ll discuss different topics and we’ll encourage you to share your stories with us to help others understand how it works. Some of what you’ll find here:

  • Blog Posts: Real life stories and questions to make you think about the times when you’ve listened to your intuition…or not, and how to tune in when you want to! This is a place for you to share your own stories and to comment and support others in this community.
  • Videos: You’ll find guided meditations, video messages, news clips, and more.
  • In the News: a news section with real life stories and examples of how intuition is being used on a daily basis.
  • Yeah, But… A section devoted to stories about the times when you should have listened to your intuition and didn’t!
  • Community: Want to see real, live people? Check out our community page to see if there’s a group in your area. Since this is just getting started, maybe you can start one of your own!
  • Intuition Kit: visit our store to buy your kit, which has a copy of Echo’s book, A Still, Small Voice, a meditation CD, and an Intuition t-shirt.

Share your stories, comment on other people’s stories, and join us in this supportive community! So far, we have groups set up in five states who will meet in person to talk about intuition. We encourage members of Viva Institute to form groups of your own. If you’re interested in doing this, write to Leigh Hopkins at leighopkins@gmail.com.

This website is free, and we encourage you to share it with people you love. Visit the site at www.trustthevoicewithin.com.

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