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Before you read this blog, I want to warn you that I have a Gemini rising, which means that my thoughts are all over the place and rarely stay on one subject for too long, which explains today’s Blog.
I had an interesting awareness this afternoon. A client emailed and gave me the names of several doctors she is thinking of seeing. She asked me to “tune in” to which one would best suit her needs and as I was reading her email, my inner voice had a strong reaction. I sat back and asked my inner voice what was up and I heard the word “crippled.” Then the voice went on to say that if I answered that question for her rather than guiding her to ask her intuition, I would be crippling her.

It’s that same thought about teaching people how to fish rather than giving them a fish. Doing psychic readings for people is definitely walking a fine line between helping or crippling them. Most of my clients are people who want help understanding their lives and their life path, but occasionally I get a person who wants me to make all their decisions for them so that they don’t have to do it themselves and that’s just not healthy.

I had an interesting thought yesterday. I was reading the posts of the students in my on line psychic development class and was thinking about the various struggles people go through in developing their spiritual gifts.

I had a thought about how we physical beings carry the characteristics of our physical parents and we’re not un-comfortable saying, I inherited that from my  mom or my dad or my grandma did that and that’s where I got that ability. We are comfortable talking in physical terms, but are uncomfortable when we talk in spiritual terms such as claiming we inherited our gifts (like the gift of prophecy) from our soul parents, God.

A dear friend of mine once told me that when I realize I have the capacity to heal myself, I will finally know my oneness with God and I’ve never forgotten that.

A couple of weeks ago I had quite an experience and have gone back and forth about whether or not to share it in a blog.

It was Friday night, June 3rd, about 10:00. I was sitting cutting out material to sew a patch quilt blanket and my right arm went numb. I didn’t think anything of it but then I started to feel a bit odd. kind of creepy/clammy. And then a pain hit the middle of chest so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I became very disoriented and kept grabbing my chest thinking that would make the pain stop. I called 911, sure that I was having a heart attack.

The paramedics and fire department arrived and we all thought something serious was going on. They gave me 4 baby aspirin right away. My blood pressure was very high (it’s normally low) and I had a slight temperature. The pain continued and I could barely breathe. As I was just about to climb on the stretcher, the pain stopped. Absolutely STOPPED. But my body felt very strange and they insisted I go to the hospital anyway.

What was most memorable about the night was that I felt stoned out of my mind for almost three hours while I laid in the hospital. My body felt numb from the neck down and I just laid there, hardly able to speak. I asked them if they had given me any medication that would cause this totally numbed out feeling and other than the baby aspirin, they hadn’t given me anything.

I remember my jaw hurting real bad and I’d get twitches of pain in my chest, but nothing else physically happened. They were concerned that I may have had  another stroke because I was very confused about what day it was, where I was, what was happening, but when the results came back from the chest and brain ct scan, nothing showed up.

The reason I mention this whole experience is because I’m wondering if, while I was so out of it for those three hours, if I wasn’t receiving healing and that’s why everything seemed fine when they did the ct scans a couple hours after all the feeling came back into my body.

My body was literally numb from the neck down. I laid on that gurney, aware of my head and I’d look down at my body that had no feeling and wonder what was happening, but there was such a calmness with the experience, I didn’t really care one way or the other.

So here’s my point in all of this. If my physical mother had been there, she would have tried to comfort and heal the situation. But what about the thought that my spiritual mother/father God was there, comforting and healing me and that’s why all the tests came back fine. That’s a powerful thought to realize we can ask for and believe that our spiritual parent is healing us. Maybe my physical body malfunctioned and my spiritual parent stepped in and fixed the problem.

I can think of other times I’ve been in the hospital when I didn’t get immediate healing, but I also learned a lot from those experiences and they were valuable to my growth.

Because I’m working on a book about Death right now, I’ve been thinking about it pretty much non stop lately.Death and life and “what’s it all about Alfie” kind of stuff and the thought occurred to me that it’s about recognizing the attributes we have of God, our soul parent. Making that our goal rather than just focusing on what we have going on physically..

Someone emailed me this morning and asked if it’s possible to learn everything in one lifetime because the belief of reincarnation goes against her Christian beliefs.

I personally can’t imagine learning it all in one lifetime. I remember my psychic teacher telling us that the end result of reincarnation was to sit at the right hand of God, knowing our oneness with Him/Her. Having the same wisdom, gentleness, intelligence, kindness, understanding, sensitivity, patience and love that God has, without judgements.
My hat is off to her if she can accomplish all of that in one lifetime, but I think it’s impossible.

So I guess after all that, the question I pose in this Blog is:
  • Do you ever look at the spiritual attributes you’ve inherited from God?
  • Do you relate to yourself more as a physical being or a spiritual being?
  • And if you do relate more as a spiritual being than a physical being, do you ever take an inventory of the spiritual parts you inherited?
Interesting questions.
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8 thoughts on “Updates from Echo: Lots of Thoughts Today

  1. Carolyn Erickson

    K – I am ah-bellyin’ up to the kitchen table! Echo, thank you. Your cool stories don’t seem boastful, they show others what is possible. And I think you and Joy really need to meet up at that astral table. I would be happy to try to do some research on psychic people and their health – just to see what information can be gleaned from what is out there. And if you ever feel moved to write a book on astral projection; I am snapping it up!

  2. Echo Bodine

    Joy, your reference to sitting around the kitchen table is eerie, just in the sense that in my brother’s book, Growing Up Psychic, he talks about my mom, our teacher and several psychic friends would all gather around our big round family dinner table and talk for hours.
    So let’s start visualizing that we’re all sitting around a kitchen table when we come to our computers to talk to each other.

    When I think about what my body goes through, I’m very curious about the impact that all of my soul’s comings and goings has on it. I do alot of conscious astral projection and I wonder if that has an impact on it. When Leigh did that ghostbusting job out East, I left my body and was with her while she was doing it, to lend any kind of help that I could.
    When a friend was going in for a liver transplant, I astral traveled to the hospital to channel healing during his surgery and also just to watch. I saw there was cancer in his liver, something that they did not know about. Hours later, back in my body, his mom called to say that they found cancer in his liver. He also recovered very quickly. Most liver transplant people leave after 10 days, he left after 4.

    Recently a friends 18 mo. old grandson went in for open heart surgery and my soul went to the operating room to channel healing and again, to observe.
    I saw that he had an extra “part” in his heart that no one knew about. I channeled healing to his little body and came back to mine. Hours later they emailed me to tell me his heart had an extra valve that was also causing the problem. Days later his grandma told me he was healing remarkably well.

    I share these stories with you NOT TO BOAST, but to teach you that these things are possible. Our souls are the ones in charge. And as we recognize that our soul is really the true us, and when we blend the two, our physical and true
    self, we learn to detach more from the physical body and think of ourselves in terms of being a soul, able to accomplish anything.
    That’s the ultimate goal of our souls. To realize we have the same potential as God and that takes many many lifetimes to realize that.
    so that’s what I meant yesterday in that last post. I push my soul and therefore my body, to see what I can accomplish.

    So with all that being said, and I could share so many more totally cool experiences, I want to get back to the focus of this particular post and that is what kind of impact does all of this have on the body?
    The good news is that yes my body definitely goes through some hard times, but healing always comes with it and for that I’m grateful.
    long post.
    hope it all makes sense.

  3. Joy Harjo

    Hmmmm…..thinking about all this. It feels as if the body has its own mind, sometimes even its own matrix or agenda, the mind has another and the spirit yet another. Intuition is of the soul, yet employs the body, mind and spirit.
    Virgo is mental earth. I have come to understand it is about understanding the body’s (bodie’s?) transmutations of earthly being and knowing. I have Saturn in Virgo–a tough, exacting teacher for details, the need to know exactly how…

    Trying to figure this all out–too–I’ve noticed that many of the highest teachers, or those with high volumes of energy working through them often suffer physically. One of my friends learned how to heal as she lay in a hospital bed paralyzed with the pronouncement she would never walk. She learned. Wilma Mankiller who brought major gifts and was a force for indigenous peoples worldwide suffered illness after illness. She was even in a car accident head on, with her best friend. She was a wise, beloved teacher.

    Wish I could sit around a kitchen table with everyone…this is a kind of electronic kitchen table I guess.

  4. Cassandra Bettenberg

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful, inspiring, stories! I was so down when I started reading this and already feel lighter. I do agree that we often think mainly of our physical attributes although I believe that many of us are shifting toward the spiritual side and our source/our God. It is definitely a process and bless your clients heart but I agree that it is impossible to only go through one life time, my goodness, some lessons need to be repeated over and over again until we finally get it.

    I just adore you for being so honest and open…you open the doors for the rest of us to feel comfortable doing the same. I am so glad that you are physically OK and were healed…we need you, your love, guidance and support!

    Much love and a great big hug to you!

  5. Carolyn Erickson

    Echo, that sounds so classic for a heart attack. With your strong healing talent, I have no doubt the energy just flows through you and that it healed you. You say that your hands heat up when you are near people who need healing, so I have no doubt that some form of that happens when you need healing as well. I am so grateful that you are able to do this. Mass consciousness feels to me to be shifting quite dramatically in the last ten years, and I think the world needs you more than ever!

    Having taken Reiki, the first level, and currently reading your healing book again, I find there are so many fine little things that can’t really be put into words that I am learning. I have done some self-healing. I always avoid it because I don’t think it’s gonna work, but when I start to get scared, I do it, and I have great results!

    I cannot wait for your new book! I am hungry for knowledge on this subject. I find that “knowing” and “knowledge” are entirely different things though and I have based my life up to now on logic. My knowing is rudimentary and you are an inspiration to me. I am VERY grateful that you are all right! And I do feel this is really one of life’s wonderful miracles.

    I really agree on teaching people to fish. I have a daughter is so much more gifted and bright than me in so many ways, yet she wants me to do so much for her/hold her hand/figure things out for her, and the thing I inherited from God or my parents is a need to please and rise to expectations for everyone. I’ve been learning to tell her she can do things herself. God bless!!!

  6. Joy Harjo

    Thank you for your post this morning. You raise questions I have been asking myself. I just turned sixty (and am also Gemini rising!) and it occurred to me the other day that it is better to live as if I am dead, that is, in my spiritual being. It is my true self, not that the physical isn’t a true manifestation. It is a partial manifestation. I have been attempting to live in my dreaming mind. I have a very strong, wiry and acrobatic mentality. Rather than chastise it, I have been giving it things to do. It tends to override the dreaming, or “death consciousness” mind. Small knots of worry then pass away as they are infinitesimal in eternity. And there is my conflict. I can see and feel a huge awareness of many streams, and then (maybe because I am not only Gemini rising, but Moon and Venus) I am balancing more than one artistic and intuitive discipline (I have to think of it all as “one”) am on the road, trying to make a living, a very, very busy life. I can get caught in the border of the mind and spiritual awareness. Maybe I should place the “mind” in the spiritual awareness category?

    I appreciate and am inspired by your thoughts of how you were healed. I think you’re on the right track. The mother energy is the mother energy and the root source is utterly powerful, beautiful. I have a wonderful friend in Alaska who is a healer and dreamer. She was terribly ill once and the Mother Mary came to her and healed her. She was perplexed as to why this figure so beloved and referred in Christianity came and healed her. She was raised Catholic but had left the church. She is Athabascan native in beliefs and practices primarily, and very much a wide-ranging spiritual person. Her mother however is very Catholic and Athabascan. Her mother told her that her mother loved the Mother Mary and spoke with her and prayed to her constantly throughout her life. It was because of her mother’s love that Mary took pity and came and healed her granddaughter.

    Because of this I came to think of our thoughts, prayers and actions as a kind of bank for those who follow, even those around us. We can draw from them, or we do.

    One night I had a stabbing pain in my right knee. And angel came and touched my knee and healed it. I also had an experience about two years ago when I left a relationship I needed to leave because my life was headed elsewhere. I was still deeply in love with this person, and in like. We had and have a fine friendship. My spirit showed me that I needed to leave so that I would be in the location(s) I needed to be. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done, or one of them. I was in a hotel in Miami because I was there for the Miami Bookfair. About three in the morning I was awakened by three angels. They literally went into my heart area and rearranged it, then took me out in flight over the ocean. Most of my healings with myself or others aren’t that dramatic however. And, like you in that hospital bed, they happen mysteriously, deeply, and do not appear in the human consciousness stream.

    Thanks for your note.

  7. Charzie

    Hi Echo, Madwoman Char here…….I was just thinking, after reading today’s post, if you have an idea of why you have been so challenged throughout your life with health issues? Not just the usual mundane stuff either, but repeated and serious, life-threatening, scary stuff. Any thoughts on this? Hugs to you!

    1. Echo Post author

      Many people have asked me why I have so many health challenges. I was sickly as a little girl and back then I internalized all my feelings which resulted in a lot of physical problems. It’s taken years to get all of old trauma out of my body so I understood the total hysterectomy at age 29 and all the colon surgeries I’ve had. The more recent physical problems have been very interesting to say the least.

      The stroke was an odd one. This experience a couple of weeks ago was very strange. The allergies. Celiac. Severe migraines.

      My sense is that it’s the work I do. I push myself to continually grow psychically. I want to see what I can accomplish on a psychic level and I think my body has a hard time with it. In reading about the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, he had quite a few physical problems as well and he felt they were all due to his psychic abilities. And the books I’ve read about him all pretty much say that it was his psychic work that eventually killed him. Who knows.

      I just know my health is a constant concern for me and I’m doing the best I can to eat right and pay attention to her (my body) when she’s talking. I hope that answers your question. But yes, I’ve put a lot of thought into this ever since I was a kid.

      The Virgo part of me always wants to know WHY?

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