Look for the Good: New Study Group at Viva Institute!

Viva Institute is excited to announce a new online discussion group, “Look for the Good…” It will be part of an ongoing study group in collaboration with author Echo Bodine, and is based on the concepts in her book, Look for the Good and You’ll Find God: The Spiritual Journey of a Psychic and Healer.

What it’s all about

In her book, Look for the Good, and You’ll Find God, Echo describes how her own life challenges deepened her understanding of God and her own humanity. Even situations that looked disastrous, such as alcohol addiction and teen pregnancy, became life-affirming milestones. Her stories reveal a hard-won wisdom that will help you, too, see the good everywhere and find divinity and guidance within.

Initially, this forum will begin as a study group, so we’ll read the book and discuss how each chapter relates to our own life lessons. Once we’ve completed the book, we’ll continue to post topics and questions for discussion related to life challenges, world events, and the coming changes. Group members will be encouraged to pose their own experiences, all in the spirit of sharing and learning.

If you’re looking for the deeper meaning behind life’s ups and downs, this group is for you! We begin June 1, 2011.

To Join

Look for the Good is part of Lightworkers Forum, Viva’s online membership community. (If you’re already a member, you’re automatically invited to participate.) By joining Lightworkers Forum, you’ll have access to articles, meditations, and posts on spirituality and personal development. You can even send a personal question to be read by our practicing psychics, for free! Join us now for just $11/month.

Pick up a copy of Look for the Good and You’ll Find God, which can be purchased at Echo’s online store at Amazon.com.

28 thoughts on “Look for the Good: New Study Group at Viva Institute!

  1. Melissa Wilkison

    Leigh and Echo

    Quick question – is it possible to have someone take the class if they have not taken psych I or II? I have someone who is interested but I was not sure of the prerequisitions.

    p, l and c

    1. Leigh

      Absolutely! No prerequisite to be a part of this group. It’s a group on spirituality and looking at life’s challenges as an opportunity for spiritual growth. To all of you, feel free to repost on Facebook or send the link to friends. We’d love to have as many participants as possible…it’s going to be a great group.

  2. mary jane mccoy

    I may have missed it and I know the date, but where and what time is this Spiritual Study Group going to be held. I understand it will be online and I’m pretty tech illiterate so please be clear if you can. Thank you, mj mccoy

    1. Leigh

      Hi MJ,

      Look for the Good, our new study group, begins June 1. Since it’s a “virtual” study group (online), there’s no specific time, and the location is online. Just log in and participate in the discussion whenever you like! To register, sign up for Lightworker’s Forum (link above). Membership is $11/month.

      Feel free to write to me at leighopkins@gmail.com with questions. Hope to see you soon!


  3. Dylan

    Yay!! As of today, I’m officially in, and I could not be more excited for this opportunity!! :D

  4. Mary Carter

    Awesome – I purchased Echo’s book when it was first published. Loved it then, I’m going to take it off the book shelf and reread it this weekend. What a great series this will be. Thanks to Leigh & Echo
    Luvs & Blessings, Mary

  5. Echo

    You’re all getting me totally psyched about this. This is going to be one amazing class/group. I CAN’T WAIT.

    See you in June.

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