Using “Segment Intending” to Create Your Day

When you’re feeling overwrought and overwhelmed and the day ahead just feels like one long to-do list, Abraham-Hicks’ technique of “Segment Intending” is one of the most effective approaches we’ve put into practice. Not only does it work, it can completely change the tone for your day before it’s even started.

How Segment Intending Works

Thoughts are powerful things. When you wake up in the morning and your firsts thought is, “There’s no way I’m going to make it through this day,” how does it make you feel? Miserable, right?

If instead you wake up and choose to think:

“OK, I’m gonna give this my best shot…”

Then you put on some music, grab a favorite outfit and pack yourself a really nice lunch. While you do this, you imagine how great it’s going to feel later that night when you curl up on the couch with a blanket and a movie—maybe with someone you love—and suddenly life starts feel a little sunnier. In Law of Attraction speak, this is called “prepaving your vibrational path.” By projecting a positive vision of the day ahead, you automatically activate a different thought pattern, which results in a experience that you would have had otherwise.

To Use Segment Intending:

  1. Before beginning your day, take 23 minutes to imagine how you would like the day to go. Picture how things will go from the moment you wake up: imagine getting ready for work (or whatever/wherever it is that you need to do/go); see yourself getting ready on time, wearing something that feels good, and eating something for breakfast that will give you the energy to face your day.
  2. Next, break your day up into segments. While you’re getting for work, you realized that the backache you were feeling the night before has suddenly disappeared. Your commute goes smoothly without traffic or complications, you walk into the office and everyone is in a good mood, the meeting that you were dreading is actually fun (or maybe even canceled!), and you eat the lunch you prepared while relaxing in a sunny spot somewhere that you enjoy. Imagine the whole day, from start to finish, as though it’s a movie of your day.
  3. Before each individual “segment,” take 2 minutes to imagine how you want that period of time to go. If you’re expecting a tough phone call, envision the best possible outcome: the person you’re talking to is in a good mood, you’re calm and say all the right things, the call goes quickly and results in something better than you’d expected, and you feel confident and good at your job.
  4. Throughout your day, continue to prepare before each segment of your day: Imagine the taxi ride to a meeting, your afternoon coffee break, the commute home, and grocery shopping…each segment moving seamlessly from one pleasant experience to the next.

By retraining your thought process to anticipate good things, you will automatically increase your “Emotional Set Point.” Like attracts like, good attracts better, and happiness and gratitude inevitably attract bliss.


Then tell us what you discovered. Did it work?

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