Do not get attached to your mistakes

Do not get attached to or excessively concerned with your mistakes. Mistakes are part of human nature and an important part of learning. Learn how to forgive your mistakes.

Every time you see someone behaving wrongly, do not blame or criticize the person. Tackle the issues, take the necessary steps, resolve that which needs to be resolved, and stay away from criticism, complaints,  and righteousness.

And when you yourself commit a mistake, simply change, take a different road next time, transform yourself. The attachment to our mistakes is an attachment to an energy of extremely low vibration.”

Transformação Com a Chama Violeta – Maria Silvia P. Orlovas

2 thoughts on “Do not get attached to your mistakes

  1. mimosa

    I love this one!! We so often think that guilt is inevitable and even an important tool to keep us from wrongdoing, but I feel that guilt is a very low energy emotion which can be quite destructive to our health. Rather than focusing on guilt, I think the most important thing is to focus on evolving, on modifying that behavior which we felt was detrimental to others and to ourselves. It’s important to actually be excited about the change, to celebrate the change, and even to thank the negative experience for having taught us something.

    1. vivainstitute Post author

      Funny, I was just reading Echo Bodine’s book, Look for the Good and You’ll Find God,” and she talks about this very thing! She decided to start saying THANK YOU for the challenges, and suddenly she felt much happier because she could see that Spirit was providing her with opportunities to change. Beautiful.

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