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Leigh Hopkins
Leigh Hopkins
Leigh Hopkins

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"I love running into Viva Institute alums all over the country! I recently attended a workshop in Maui, and on the first day of class, I turned to the person to my right to introduce myself, before I could ask her name, she excitedly blurted out, “Bernadette, you’re the reason I’m here - I was in your Viva Institute class!”  So in a room of about 500 people I just happened to sit next to my Viva Institute alumni! Thank you for bringing us all together in such a loving, supportive, mystical, beautiful and educational environment. I am so happy my path led me to you!”Bernadette, Washington, DC
“Working one-on-one with Leigh allowed me to refine my gifts, remove blocks that were holding me back, and fully embrace what I love to do.”Karen Ritsche, Minnesota, Owner, Starlite Crystals and Reiki
“I was profoundly changed through my experience working with Leigh. Doors I never knew existed were opened and life’s been an amazing ride since then!”Ruth Hannigan, New Jersey
"This is my 5th Viva class! I really like the platform, the thoughtful and concise presentation of materials and how encouraging and direct Leigh Hopkins is in her approach, charismatic and anecdotal - but not waffling or spouting platitudes. You really feel her enthusiasm for the subject matter. Thanks so much for another fabulous class!"Sue, Nova Scotia
"What I enjoyed most was Viva Institute's website. It was nice to be able to pace myself, read the material and watch the videos at my leisure. The support I felt from the Facebook group was invaluable...I learned online and never felt alone."Naomi, Texas

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