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What we’re chatting about THIS week in Lightworker’s Forum:

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JGT: “ I work in a large cardiology practice with 9 providers. It can get very stressful – large egos there, and dealing with very ill people all day I am sure is hard on them. I have come to feel that my back office is a haven for all who work in my practice. Many co-workers and doctors say that they love the energy or feel of my room. I seem to be able to connect and bring light and laughter and sometimes even hugs to these folks when others keep them at arms length. I see myself as a healer to the healers in my office. They tell me that sometimes they can hear my laughter down the hall and it makes them smile.”

JK: “I work in the mortgage industry and it keeps getting harder (unhappy customers, and tons of government regulations controlling everything). It’s a tough environment. But, I find it easy to be a lightworker there – because it is so needed. I bring my authentic self and respond from my heart rather than from my ego. I’d rather be in a different setting, but I can be a lightworker anywhere.

DG: “I see almost every aspect of my life as a life of light-filled service. My current day job is on a computer help desk and my ‘free’ time is spent in numerous volunteer activities. I recharge almost daily by taking long walks outside, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sun (or imagining it) on my face and “channeling” the light of the Universe. I made that word up to describe the process of combining the “clearing” I need to do, drawing the light up and through my body and soul to release the debris of the day, and “sending” more light out to the Universe. Rather than a give or take it’s a constant flow that I consciously visualize in, around and through me. When I do this during the day I feel energized. When I do it again at night I feel completely at peace.”

CT: “My role as a lightworker directly relates to my work in hospice; with the patients & families. Lightworking for me is a way of “being” whether at work or every day life.”

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