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"Viva Institute enriches people's lives without uprooting them. Since beginning courses at Viva 5 years ago, literally every area of my life has shifted. I'll sign up for anything they offer - it's like getting a Master's Degree in Life!"Gretchen, New York
"I love running into Viva Institute alums all over the country! I recently attended a workshop in Maui, and on the first day of class, I turned to the person to my right to introduce myself, before I could ask her name, she excitedly blurted out, “Bernadette, you’re the reason I’m here - I was in your Viva Institute class!”  So in a room of about 500 people I just happened to sit next to my Viva Institute alumni! Thank you for bringing us all together in such a loving, supportive, mystical, beautiful and educational environment. I am so happy my path led me to you!”Bernadette, Washington, DC
Kass Hillard_bio
I've learned that I really am worth feeling good! In 30 Days Raw, I delighted in trying new things (food, recipes, presentation) and it's spilled over even more in other areas of my life. I really loved this past month and I really love all of my classmates...and one of the best parts has been the skeptical look on my son's face when he tries some of the dishes I've made. He's converting slowly!!!Kass Hillard, Owner, Reflexions Plus Healing
"This is my 5th Viva class! I really like the platform, the thoughtful and concise presentation of materials and how encouraging and direct Leigh Hopkins is in her approach, charismatic and anecdotal - but not waffling or spouting platitudes. You really feel her enthusiasm for the subject matter. Thanks so much for another fabulous class!"Sue, Nova Scotia
"What I enjoyed most was Viva Institute's website. It was nice to be able to pace myself, read the material and watch the videos at my leisure. The support I felt from the Facebook group was invaluable...I learned online and never felt alone."Naomi, Texas

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